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Australian Recycling Programs for the Events Industry


It is our commitment as a supplier in the events / party industry to ensure proper disposal once our goods have reached their end of life. 

The recycling industry is ever evolving, as it moves towards more reliable and environmentally conscious ways to recycle we will continue to update any innovations on this page.

It is our belief that Recycling is an essential part of not only our industry, but every industry collectively. Working together we can create a more circular and sustainable economy.

Latex and Foil Balloons 

At present two recycling programs exist within Australia for both latex and foil balloons; 

TerraCycle, TerraCycle in partnership with Amscan Balloons Australia and Balloon Recycling Australia



TerraCycle is a global recycling company which was founded in the United States in 2001. It has since expanded to recycle a multitude of goods, specializing in materials that are in a traditional recycling setting “unrecyclable”, including latex and foil balloons.


Recycled foil balloons can be used to create metal material items such as springs, screws and bolts. Recycled latex balloons can be used to create materials to be included in flooring and matting used in playgrounds.


Dining Disposables and Party Supplies - TerraCycle Box 

These boxes are available on the TerraCycle website in sizes Small ($186.00 AUD) and Medium ($276.00). Prices include postage to you as well as your return postage once your box is full. 

You can purchase your box or browse the TerraCycle website here Zero Waste Boxes


*Please note that there is a 20 kg weight limit as per Australia Post requirements*


How it works:

“This box is suitable for any item or packaging used during a party or celebration.” This includes latex and foil balloons.

It is very important to remember that including items that are not suitable for this box, such as food and beverage contents, electronic products, permanent glassware or permanent flatware, will result in the box’s contamination.


Unfortunately TerraCycle New Zealand does not currently offer the Party Supplies box. 

TerraCycle in partnership with Amscan Balloons Australia


Amscan Balloons Australia have partnered with TerraCycle to offer multiple drop off points throughout Australia for consumers to recycle their products for free. 


How it works;

Find a local TerraCycle x Amscan recycle box to recycle your balloons once your event is complete. Alternatively you can direct your customers to these boxes to ensure they are aware of how to correctly dispose of their balloons.


Items suitable for recycling include

  • Foil Balloons
  • Latex Balloons
  • Latex Balloons treated with Hi-Float & Hi-Shine


This program does not accept

  • Pre Filled confetti balloons
  • Ribbon and Balloon weights
  • Closure clips
  • Balloon sticks and Balloon cups
  • Packaging and other party accessories


You can search for your local drop off point here Amscan x Terra Cycle Drop Off Points


If you are a retail store and would like to set up your own TerraCycle x Amscan membership, you can do so through Amscan’s program. Please note you are required to be an Amscan customer in order to qualify for a membership. You can contact Amscan Australia here Contact us


Balloon Recycling Australia

Balloon Recycling Australia was established in 2022 in Queensland, Australia. Through a desire to create a sustainable balloon industry, they have founded their own recycling systems to give balloons a new life. 

Items created through recycled materials include “teddy bear filling, balloon weights, concrete filler, epoxy resin flooring, foil confetti, keepsake gift and novelty items.”


How it works;

Balloon Recycling Australia operates under a membership structure for professionals working within the balloon and events industry. They offer five membership options based on your business needs.


Pay as you go membership 

$199 annual 12 month membership fee 

$50 fee per box, plus postage costs


Bronze membership

$499 annual 12 month membership fee

includes x 1 20kg box per month 


Silver membership

$750 annual 12 month membership fee

includes 12 months unlimited recycling of foil, plastic and latex balloons


Gold membership

$999 annual 12 month membership fee

includes 12 months unlimited recycling of foil, plastic and latex balloons


Platinum membership

$1499 annual 12 month membership fee

includes 12 months unlimited recycling of foil, plastic and latex balloons


*Please note that there is a 20kg limit per box returned to Balloon Recycling Australia*

More details of the Balloon Recycling program can be found on their website here Become a member

Balloon Recycling Australia also offers a free recycling program to the public. Details of this program can be found here Free Recycling Program

Decorator Accessories - Metal and Steel

Scrap metals include a number of materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, lead, zinc and nickel.

Items such as our frames and mesh backdrops are made of metal and steel, making them suitable for recycling at a local scrap metal recycling plant. These are situated across Australia and Internationally. Usually these recycling plants will charge based on the weight of your item to be recycled. In some instances recycling companies will actually pay you for your scrap metal. 

If the suggestions below are not suitable to your location you can try searching online for a local scrap metal recycler, chances are there will be one close to you!


Australia wide

- Australian Metal co - find their website here Australian Metal Co



- Future Recycling - find their website here Future Recycling


  • Dandenong South
  • Halam
  • Shepparton


- Victorian Metal Traders - find their website here VIC Metal Traders

Located in Campbellfield 


- Norstar Steel Recyclers - find their website here Norstar

Located in Laverton North, Norstar also offers domestic collection


New South Wales

- Scrap Metal Sydney - find their website here Scrap Metal Sydney

Located in Greenacre


- Mr Metal Recycling - find their website here Mr Metal


  • Kirrawee
  • Taren Point



If you have other general products you wish to recycle or dispose of correctly, we suggest looking up your local council recommendations for recycling and waste disposal.


Some helpful webpages include;

Victoria Recycling Victoria

Melbourne; Melbourne Waste and Recycling 

New South Whales New South Whales Waste and Recycling

Sydney Recycling and Waste Sydney

Brisbane Recycling at home Brisbane

Sunshine Coast Waste and Recycling Sunshine Coast

Gold Coast Waste and Recycling Gold Coast

Western Australia Waste Authority WA

WA Recycling

Recycle Right WA

Waste Disposal and Recycling Services WA

Darwin Waste and Recycling Darwin

Northern Territory NTRS Recycling

South Australia Recycling SA

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Adelaide