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Terms & Conditions


These terms take effect from the date you sign the customer account application and will continue for as long as you trade with Hayden Agencies. Hayden Agencies is a wholesale business only selling to those who on sell the products directly or as part of their product. Hayden Agencies’ website may include unique terms that apply exclusively to you and you agree not to use or allow your account or Password to be used by any other person or entity. These terms are personal to you, and can only be assigned with Hayden Agencies’ prior written consent, which may be given or withheld by Hayden Agencies in its absolute discretion. Hayden Agencies may assign these terms upon giving you written notice. You indemnify Hayden Agencies against all losses Hayden Agencies suffers whatsoever or howsoever caused as a result of a breach of these terms. All communications made on the website are taken to be written communications between the parties, and you are deemed to have signed all Authentic Orders. These terms will be construed in accordance with the law of Victoria and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Victoria notwithstanding the domicile or residence of any party or the occurrence of any act, matter or thing outside of the State or Territory. By accepting this Application to Hayden Agencies, you execute it as a Deed and agree to be bound by the terms outlined within this page. All following instances of "we" or "us" reffer to the company Hayden Agencies.


You must keep all information, whether unique or otherwise, accessed on or obtained from the website or communicated by Hayden Agencies, confidential. Your employees must be given information only on a need to know basis, however this does not relieve you of any liability should the information become known by a third party.

Returns, Replacements & Faulty Products

Please see our full returns and exchanges terms page here.


Change of mind returns are permitted within 10 days of invoice date. To initiate a return please contact us via email with your order number and item/s requesting to return. Hayden Agencies reserves the right to refuse any returns which are made without prior notification and/or that fall outside our 10 day return window. 

Items eligible for a return must be in original condition, unopened and unused. Hayden Agencies reserves the right to refuse return of items that do not comply.


Once the returned goods have been inspected a store credit will be assigned to your account.. Please note that a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from the total amount. 


Hayden Agencies will not cover or compensate costs to return goods to us.

Seasonal item/s will not be eligible for return after the end of that particular season, this includes if the time frame is within the 10 day period as outlined. 


Change of mind equipment must be made within 7 days of invoice date and must include original accessories, case and box to be eligible for return. A credit will be returned to your account once the equipment has been inspected by our technician and deemed as in original condition. This process may take up to 14 days. 


Please note Hayden Agencies will not offer refunds for change of mind returns. Instead a store credit will be applied to your account to be used for future purchases. Store credits do not expire. 


Custom orders for stock not kept on hand will not be eligible for return.



Claims for damaged or defective goods or incorrect delivery must be made within 4 weeks of delivery, this excludes decorative structures and equipment (see below for terms).

Where any goods are returned they remain at your risk pending acceptance of liability by the manufacturer or supplier. Goods that have been found to have manufacturing defects will be credited to your account (if applicable) provided a copy of the relevant invoice accompanies the returned items. 

Without limiting in anyway the application of the preceding paragraph, Hayden Agencies will not replace foil balloons which have been:

  • Overblown (as indicated by tears along the seam area) burned, or have puncture holes, poorly sealed (as evidenced by wrinkles in the neck of a heat-sealed balloon when supplied flat), exposed to moisture of any form, roughly handled, improperly stored, or balloons exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight; 
  • Balloons that have been inflated using the incorrect equipment resulting in damage;



Claims for fauly equipment must be made within warranty. The equipment must be sent back to us at your expense pending inspection. Freight will be credited back to your account if the equipment is deemed to have a manufacturing defect. Hayden Agencies will not offer a replacement equipment whilst inspection is occuring. Hayden Agencies cannot outline the time period required to inspect equipment.


If deemed as faulty due to manufacturing defect, and the equipment is able to be repaired then the original repaired equipment will be returned to you. If the equipment is deemed as a manufacturing fault that is beyond repair, Hayden Agencies will offer either a replacement equipment (pending stock availability) or a refund / store credit.


Hayden Agencies will not offer replacement or compensation for equipment that is deemed as damaged once received, including but not limited to equipment that has been burnt due to overuse and/or equipment which have been mishandled.



Claims for damaged decorative structures must be made within 7 days of delivery.


Decorative structures such as but not limited to backdrops, plinths and frames are subject to slight imperfections. Hayden Agencies will not offer refund, replacement or credits for any goods with such imperfections. Any claims which fall under this will be handled as a change of mind return (as outlined above). Hayden Agencies reserves the right to refuse claims made due to slight imperfection. If a structure is deemed as damaged beyond use, the item must still be in original packaging. If packaging has been discarded Hayden Agencies reserves the right to reject claim as damage which has occured prior to use. 



Orders to purchase goods or services from Hayden Agencies may be placed by you via the website. You acknowledge that no orders will be processed unless authenticated by receipt of the Password (“Authentic Orders”). Once you send Authentic Orders, they are irrevocable. You are liable for, and Hayden Agencies can rely upon, all Authentic Orders. Authentic Orders are taken to be authenticated once Hayden Agencies delivers the goods or services set out in the Authentic Order. Where Hayden Agencies part performs an Authentic Order, each part of the order will be deemed to be a separate contract at the time the goods or services are delivered.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Payment must be finalised before goods will be shipped. Payment can be made by card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express) or by Paypal. We do not offer credit accounts during the first 6 months of doing business with a new customer, however after that time 30 day accounts can be offered to businesses who meet our minimum monthly spend requirements. If you wish to discuss setting up an account feel free to give us a call. All prices displayed on our website are Excluding GST.

Viewing Orders

You can view your complete order history through the my account section of the website.

Updating Account Information

You can update your account information through the my account section of the website.

Shipping, Handling & Tracking

Hayden Agencies strives to send out all orders the same day they are placed, however this cannot always be achieved. Once goods have been accepted by our third party couriers, Hayden Agencies cannot be held accountable for damage, delays and / or lost parcels as a result of the courier. Hayden Agencies does not give a guaranteed time frame for delivery, and cannot be held accountable for a delivery that is deemed as delayed. Please note that during seasonal periods courier services can experience delays.


Please be aware that shipping prices shown at checkout are an estimate, prices are subject to change once your order has been shipped. Hayden Agencies reserves the right to hold your order until any additional freight costs have been paid.  


If your delivery is unsuccesful, redelivery or return to sender fees may incur. Any additional fees will require payment, if payment is not received Hayden Agencies reserves the right to place your account on hold until payment is made. 


Hayden Agencies cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen goods once the courier has marked the parcel as delivered if authority has been given to leave your goods unattended. Hayden Agencies cannot be held responsible for goods that have been received with a proof of delivery. Please note Hayden Agencies cannot offer any compensation or replacement until an investigation has been completed with the assigned courier, this process can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks at minimum.


If the provided address is deemed as unsafe to leave by the courier then a second redelivery fee will be required, this includes security complexes and apartments, locked gates at residences, unsecured pets, main roads and / or other areas with high traffic etc. Hayden Agencies cannot be held responsible for a courier deeming the provided delivery address as unsafe.


Please note the following special delivery requests;

  • Palletised deliveries which require a hand unload upon delivery will be charged a manual hand unload charge. 
  • Often couriers will split deliveries of multiple parcels, satchels or other items that have been sent under one consignment. Hayden Agencies cannot offer any compensation for split deliveries and cannot guarantee parcels to be delivered in full.
  • Specified delivery time frames or days may not be possible. Hayden Agencies cannot be held liable if the third party courier chosen cannot meet a specified delivery timeframe or date. 


Hayden Agencies cannot take responsibility of special instructions for delivery.  Third party couriers have their own service options depending on their price and range. 


Hayden Agencies do not accept any liability or make any warranty in relation to the goods except as provided herein or as required by law. Under no circumstances shall our liability exceed the purchase price of the goods. Hayden Agencies will not be liable for any loss or damage which is consequential, indirect or due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.


Fragile items can often be damaged during transit. Even though we strive to label parcels with fragile tape and sufficient protective packaging, our third party couriers can still be very rough. We cannot be responsible for damages that occur to parcels during transit. We may provide a credit given the circumstance but we cannot guarantee a credit for every instance. Where claims are being made for damaged goods, original packaging must be provided. If packaging is not able to be provided Hayden Agencies reserves the right to refuse your claim.


If selecting store pickup as your courier method you must wait until you receive email confirmation that the order is ready for collection prior to arriving at our warehouse. We cannot give a guaranteed time frame of click and collect turnaround, we aim to have orders ready for collection within 24 to 48 hours however this is subject to change depending on our daily operations. 


It is the customers responsibility to provide their accurate address when placing an order. If an invalid / incorrect address is provided, redelivery or redirected delivery fees will incur. Hayden Agencies will not cover any associated costs due to incorrect details provided. Hayden Agencies reserves the right to place accounts on hold until said fees have been paid. 


At this time we are unable to ship large bulky goods such as decorator items to our international customers.


To track your consignment for your chosen courier please see below links;

Toll Priority: https://www.myteamge.com/

TNT/Fedex: https://www.tnt.com/express/en_au/site/shipping-tools/tracking.html

Direct Freight: https://www.directfreight.com.au/ConsignmentStatus.aspx

Australia Post: https://auspost.com.au/mypost/track/#/search

DHL Express (international): https://www.dhl.com/au-en/home/tracking.html


*Please note Australia Post has a 5-10 day lead time before investigating delayed parcels. We recommend lodging an online enquiry with Australia Post as we have found this to be the most efficient method to resolve*


Large Decorator Items

Large items such as but not limited to PVC frames, Acrylic backdrops, Plinths etc may take up to 24-48 hours to be shipped. If an item is potentially not eligible meet our usual cut off dispatch time frame we will specify this in the item description. We will always strive to contact you to advise of any delays. 

Credits and Refunds

Any credit that you are owed for damaged or missing stock will be credited to your internal credit account. This is a balance connected to your account on our web store. The internal credit balance works as an in-store currency and can be used to pay for orders, when checking out simply select to pay for the order using your internal store credit, if you do not have enough credit to cover the entire order, any credit that you have available will be deducted from the total and the left over amount can be processed using your normal payment method. The My Credit Page on the 'My Account' dashboard displays the customers entire credit history, ie when and why credit is addedd or deducted from the balance.


Refund requests must be confirmed by our accounts department. Confirmation can take anywhere from 5-10 business days. Once confirmed your refund can take 7-14 business days to appear in your account. Refund transaction receipts are available upon your request. Please note Hayden Agencies will not offer refunds for change of mind returned goods.

Missing Stock

Please understand that with over 14,000 SKU's our inventory may sometimes be slightly incorrect. This can result in the purchase of stock that is unavailable. When this occurs a credit for the missing stock is allocated to the customers internal balance and the customer is advised via email, for more information on customer credits please refer to the credits section above.

International customers can only receive a store credit for any missing / incorrect items received on an order. We will not resend items for our international customers, this includes all equipment. 

We must be notified of any items missing from your order within 7 days of delivery. Any claims made outside of this will not be honoured. 


Fragile Items 

All fragile items including but not limited to Frames, Plinths, Backdrops, Acrylics and Decorative pieces have varying imperfections. If you receive an item that includes such an imperfection please contact us to determine if compensation is deemed necessary. Imperfections which result in the item being unusable will be eligible for compensation. Please be aware that the mesh frames specifically have varying allignment which will not be covered for compensation. 


Colour Recommendations

Please note that any colour recommendations are not guarantees. Hayden Agencies will not compensate for a change of mind based off of our recommendation, because of this we always recommend testing colours prior to bulk purchase.