Base Plate Update (Marquee Lights & PVC Sails)

Hey Guys,

We've had the Marquee Numbers & Letters active on our site for what seems like months now. Long story short having not stocked them before we did not realize how unstable they would be without proper bases. Being the tipping hazard that they are (and how heavy they are) we decided to have some custom metal bases made that secure them firmly to the ground. We wanted the bases to be simple to use without compromising on their effectiveness, the below design is what we came up with, no screws or clamps or complex mechanisms, the base simply slides onto the bottom and can be used for all numbers and letters. Two of these will be provided with every Marquee Letter or Number, they will also be sold seperately in packs of two in case you need some spares. See below the Letter M marquee with the supplied custom metal bases.



The story then repeats itself with the PVC sail backdrops. Orginally we designed these structures with a base to be assembled by the customer from the same material as the backdrop. When we recieved the stock we found this process to be time consuming, frustrating and not overly effective. So we designed a second custom metal base that the backdrop can easily slide and lock into for easy setup and then dissasembly and transport. When purchasing the sail backdrops they will ship with both bases, the base parts (pieces of PVC) and the new metal bases. We highly recomend using the metal bases and ignoring the PVC pcs. Moving forward when we order more stock from our supplier the backdrops will ship with metal bases only. See below images showing the base plates for the PVC Sail Backdrops.


The current ETA for both bases is roughly 5-6 weeks (middle of August). We will update the ETA on the product pages for these items when we have a more accurate idea of their arrival. We apologize for the delay on these items and hope you understand it’s for a good reason, we've had a lot of interest in them so expect more designs / sizes and content in the future.


Thanks heaps,

They Hayden Team.

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