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PVC Sail Backdrop Setup and Lean Prevention

PVC Sail Backdrop Assembly

Howdy howdy, there has been a bit of confusion around the PVC Sail Backdrop bases, hopefully this post will make things a bit clearer. The extra peices of PVC that come with the backdrop are to be ignored, these were originally going to be the base but were difficult to put together and not very effective. The metal bases are their permanent replacement. Moving forward this product will ship with just the metal bases.

For the metal bases there is still some work involved but not nearly as much. They require a little adjusting to ensure the PVC is sturdy and upright. The best way to see how this is done is to watch the below video, if not followed correctly the PVC board can lean due to the space in the brackets of the base. The main purpose of the extra work is to ensure that any free space is packed out ensuring a snug fit. This also protects the PVC (which is very fragile) from being damaged / scuffed by the metal brackets.

Materials Needed:

- Masking Tape (White, we used yellow so that it was easier to see).

- Pliers



It is important to note how fragile this material is, it has many great qualities however as the video shows the corners and edges are very brittle and can be damaged easily. It also stains very easy so it is recomended that gloves are used when handling.

If anything is unclear or if you still have any questions feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call!


Thanks guys,

The Hayden Team.



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